Thursday, March 08, 2018

Roland DP-10 Foot Pedal as MIDI Switch

I've been helping Melanie Walters with performances of Narcissus by Thea Musgrave. To make playing the work live a little more manageable, a foot pedal is used to scroll through presets of the Max for Live patch.

A Roland DP-10 foot pedal was modified to act as a stand alone MIDI controller via a Teensy, thereby no longer requiring a MIDI keyboard or piano in order to interface with a computer. The connector jack end of the pedal was cut and the three wires tinned.

In switch mode (as opposed to continuous mode), only the shield and white cables are required. Shield is connected to ground, and white is connected to pin 1 of the Teensy microcontroller. The code uses the Bounce2 library.

A quick and easy solution to controlling a Max for Live device in a concert situation.