Saturday, March 25, 2006

20 mins of gameboy music up

In the picture, from left to right:
"The 4th Amigo", "Palbert", "Pampo", "Secret Handshake", unnamed, "Rainbow" and unnamed.

By "popular demand" (well, one request)! Head over to to listen to some more crappy gameboy riffs- keep in mind they are all just ideas or something- not really finished things...

The file names mean the following:
gb-00x.mp3: made with lsdj 3.3.39
recorded using one of my old grey gameboys called "Secret Handshake".
(gb-005 was recorded using the old greys "Secret Handshake" and "Pampo" in sync).

gba-00x.mp3: nanoloop 2.0.1
recorded using my as-yet-unnamed silver gameboy advance sp.

gbc-00x.mp3: nanoloop 1.3b
recorded using one of my gameboy colors called "Rainbow".

I would recommend the following files: gb-002.mp3, gb-003 and gba-002. Give the longer tracks some time before stopping them...