Sunday, March 26, 2006

Drowning Goldfish live at the Duke of York

Last night, Drowning Goldfish played live with Blix at the Duke of York. The night went okay- but there was a fair amount of driving before hand (we had to drive up to Brent's place to pick up the amps and help him load all the other stuff into the car).

We haven't played live in a very long time, so playing at such a low-key venue was a good thing. Besides the detuned guitars and faster-than-usual tempos (which are both 'Goldfish standards), we played okay, all things considered. Special thanks to Simon Basey (and Blix) for having us there, and to Kyri for mixing us.

Our setlist consisted of the following tracks: Time, Pinebox, Cancer, Back to You, Unsure, Sabotage, Saturn's Tears, Perseverance and Bitterheart.

You can download a version of Bitterheart here (mp3, 6.6mb). It's a long song, but it is my favourite song of ours... so go listen! And listen at least once before you delete it...