Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hidden Village live at Gallery de la Catessen

Last Thursday (20.04.2006), Lauren and I played at the third Tyndall Concert. As Hidden Village, we played To Stare At The Sun (for gameboy) and I Smile And Hand You My Umbrella (for water surface and gameboy advance).

I hope that people enjoyed what we did. I didn't dry record what we did (how stupid)- but apprently Tristan or Luke might have a copy floating around from the room mic's?

Anyway, in I Smile And Hand You My Umbrella, the water surface was used to modulate the amplitude of the GBA audio signal. The amount of change in the water surface at a specific point was used as an audio signal for direct modulation, so if either the GBA and the water surface are 'silent', then no sound is heard. The piece itself started out with long, held notes using whole tones, and slowly built up more complex beats of different lengths across the eight voices of the Nanoloop 2.0.1. The water surface started out with drips and droplets and developed into more continous movement, finishing again on drips.

My parents came along, for which I am thankful. They said it was 'interesting', so this is a good thing.