Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stripey gameboy camera pictures

I have recently been trying to upload the images from a gameboy camera to pc. As you can see from the specimen to the left, they come out annoyingly stripey!

I have used an EMS Gb Transferer to get the SRAM from the cart. gb_cam_dump was then used to grab the pics from the .sav file.

Maybe it is the tranferer? Or the fact that the pc is running XP? I have heard parallel support can be... dodge... at times.


Tyrell Blackburn said...

Apart from the lines, I really love the lo-fi quality of the pics. I might consider getting one myself.

hayley said...

I reckon it looks pretty cool anyway Seb!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Yeah, for sure- the lo-fi-ness of the pics are great... but... the transference can be annoying.

Others ways...

1) make a gb -> link cable

I tried this minus the diode and transistor- just because I had the parts lying around already. So the pins were connected straight through, but the gb threw an error. So I will have to try this with the diode and transistor...

2) I guess... find a madcatz gb linker (rare?? dunno)

3) Or... run the gb camera on the snes and get a composite out that connects to an anolog -> digital video in that you might have on you 'puter. I don't.

-- hang on [3] gave me an idea... can project the gb camera in real time onto a projector via the snes... would be cool, huh --

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Thanks for the comment Hayley, it is nice to hear from you!

Alex said...

I got the same problem. I found a "solution", try to use a 9V Battery, you can build a "home" conector to adapt it to the transferer, seems that the problem is that transferer + camera wants a vry good filtered power adapter. I got rid of the "stripes" this way. I can send you some pics on the "invention" and results if you want:



Sebastian Tomczak said...

Wow! That is brilliant!!! Thanks heaps for the info on this one. You sir are a genius!

How did you think of this solution??