Friday, July 28, 2006

Nanoloop 1.3 and more

A while ago, I sent my Nanoloop 1.3b cart (the well known sequencer for gameboy) back to Oliver Wittchow because it always froze on startup. The updated version 1.3 arrived at my door today- complete with a free copy of the 1.3 proper manual! Cheers, Oliver, thanks for the service. The cart is working great on my GBC. The PCB design fault found in 1.3b cannot be fixed by a rom update, so it only runs on a GBC or higher. But you know, the cart was like less than 1/2 price or something of what the 1.3 proper is today...

In similar news, Nanoloop 2 has been updated to 2.1 with an amp feature, LSDJ (full) has been updated to 3.6.3 with more kits (up to 51!), better panning and better vibrato, Cynthcart has been updated to 1.1 with a hex editor, RAM loading and more. Slocum has also apprently also started working on Loopcart again recently, so this is very exciting news as I am sure all Atari 2600 music enthusiasts can appreciate.