Friday, September 15, 2006

Lsdjmc2 interface and timing problems

I have finally had a chance to play around with my lsdjmc2 interface - a great device, by the way. It has a number of great functions:
  • sync lsdj to any midi device outputting midi clock
  • sync nanoloop 1.x and 2.x to any midi device outputting midi clock
  • play midi notes from a midi device on lsdj, change voices etc as well
I only received mine about a week ago (the waiting list is very long; i think i waited for over one year). Today i tried it out for the first time. Works okay. But the one problem is that the timing is not exactly the same as the midi device! For example, if i have a program set to 120 bpm, then i must multiply this speed by approx. 99.99% for the lsdjmc2. How very strange! Even weirder is that this 99.99% figure is only accurate for 120 bpm - for other tempi, other multipliers must be used. There must be a curve scale of some sort - now i just have to find it. Hopefully it is linear...


beowulfe said...

I love my MC2. I haven't found the tempo issue you spoke of, though I do find there is a slight "wobble" in the tempo at times that corrects itself. The tempos must be rounded off divisions of much more precise rhythms based on the processor clock.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi there,
After using a better power supply, the timing issues have been solved. Yes, the interfaces are just great!


VJ anomolee said...

Ello! I am building my own MC2 based on firestarters schematics.
Check it:

I've already tested it with my Gameboy Advance running LSDJ works like a charm! and no timing problems!

Next step is soldering it all together. No problem i'm good at soldering.

In fact if there is anyone out there that would like for me to make them an MC2 I will if they could pay me a bit for my time.

Derrick said...

Hey vj anomolee... hard man to track down the email address for. Shoot me an email if you're serious about the MC2 build... I'm on lameboy's list, but may not be able to wait!