Monday, October 16, 2006

Prophet 64: wow!

My Prophet 64 cartridge arrived today. The program is a suite of applications featuring a fully-fledged sequencer, mono synth, bass synth and a drum machine for the Commodore 64. The whole thing comes across as highly professional.

Finally, I have had a quick chance to check it out. I played around with the sequencer for a short while, and I must say I am very impressed. It sounds great (of course) but offers heaps of flexibility and control over sound whilst still being an intuitive interface. You can listen to a crappy example I made here (344kb).

The only bad thing is that the commodore amiga mouse I ordered on ebay does not seem to work with the commodore - I need to find another one so that I can see which device it is. So in the meantime I have been using a sega megadrive controller instead. Does not work half as well as I would expect a mouse to, but it is a start.


Tyrell Blackburn said...

Cool dude, it sounds great!

It would be nice to have a play with this program, but at some point in the future I'd like to try and code the music from command line. I must purchase a C64 first though. The last one I saw was in a Cashies for $90... not something I want to fork out for at this stage. If you find one for substantially cheaper, then I'd be interested. The $90 one I saw did come with one of those great original C64 monitors though.

Tyrell Blackburn said...

Sound great dude!

I wouldn't mind having a go with this program, it looks pretty good... although at some point I think I'd want to take the leap and try and program some music using the 'Basic' command line. I gotta get myself a C64 before I do this though (and no I dont want to do it on an emulator). The last one I saw was at cashies for $90; Not a figure I'm prepared to empty my pockets with at this stage. It did come with one of those great original commodore monitors though.

Can't wait to hear what else you might come up with using this piece of software.

Tyrell Blackburn said...

oh yea.. i was wondering why my other post didn't show... I forgot it needed approval. Well dont approve them both... just choose which one you would prefer to approve... I suggest the second comment.


Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hey Tyrell,
You are welcome to either come round or I could bring the c64 into uni one day to show you. I am sure you would really enjoy using this prog.

See you this arvo...

Anonymous said...

Don't go for the amiga mouse, try to find a 1351 instead.. it makes a huge difference!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

I know! I have been trying to find a 1351 mouse, but no luck yet... :(