Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An analog toriton, part 1

I am planning to make a completely analog version of the toriton plus instrument. As such, i want it to be cheap to build and not need a computer for standalone operation.

The first stage of this process will be to find and build a suitable sine wave audio generator. When i say 'suitable' i mean 'cheap and easy to make'. So i built this very basic 1khz test generator where the components minus wiring and board cost $1.30 (probably cheaper if buying online in quantity). It has quite a bit of noise which will need to be filtered out, but the sine wave itself seems to be relatively pure considering the cost...

In order to turn this into a tune-able generator, i think the two resistors on the right need to be replaced by a twin pot in series with two small resistors. But i haven't tried this out yet...

This project is one that will take some time to get off the ground. However, it will be worth it.