Thursday, February 01, 2007

15100 kilometres

There will be a milkcrate coming up this sunday from 7pm (south australian time) until monday at the same time. I am very excited about this one!

It will be over the internet and will involve at least one person from Austria - Chris. Other individuals confirmed for this 'crate are Tristan, Damian and myself.

The Australians will only be allowed to use samples recorded in Austria and the Austrians will only be allowed to use samples recorded in Australia.

To listen to the samples, go to: and

To listen to the finished stuffs, go to: and


Sebastian P. said...

Hey, yes, this is "the wrong article" to comment in, but it is your latest and i would like to get your attention, so feel free to delete this after you read this. I contacted you by email late last year and never recieved a response. The email was about mark's AVR-USB HID module. I would really appreciate if you could get in contact with me or check your inbox history to see if you recieved my email.


( for email/msn)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Sebastian,
I will respond to you via email
From Sebastian

trockenmoos said...

austria is awake

Sebastian Tomczak said...

australia has been awake for a while! ;)