Thursday, May 31, 2007

10-bit send from arduino to max

This is my first Arduino sketch. It reads a 10-bit analog value from, say, a pot and then breaks it up into two bytes and these get sent to Max/MSP where the data controls the frequency of a sinewave. Basic stuff, i know. Below you can see the Max patch and Arduino sketch with comments.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post,

I am assuming that MSP/MAX can't handle 10bit data and that is why you split it up in to hi and low bytes. I am using a Pic16f88 which has 10bit ADCs and am having problems getting MSP to see the 10bit data. 8bit no problem.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Max/MSP *can* handle 10 bit data, i believe. But check out the help patch. The issue for me was the Arduino's Serial.print command, which sends data in the form of 8-bit bytes.