Friday, November 16, 2007

Demo video of 4 homemade plugins

Length: 1:21

A simple demo of four homemade plugins for ProTools. All of the sound that you hear is generated from these four plugins (besides two simple delay lines which add a little bit of space to the output).

None of the plugins incorporates any synthesis - instead, they all focus on sample manipulation in real-time with MIDI control of certain frequency and playback speed parameters.

The four plugins include:
- stoReson, an array of 16 MIDI-controlled resonant, narrow-band resonant filters

- stoQL, a quick looper that features four instances of a small audio bufffer to create interesting, continuous sonic textures

- stoSensiDelay, a delay line whose time and feedback parameters can be mapped to the amplitude level of the incoming signal, resulting in organic swirls of sound

- stoStutterer, an audio buffer which samples the incoming signal and loops and chops it up with a varying playback speed