Thursday, November 15, 2007


The 'quick loop' plugin has been designed for use with the stoReson. It is intended to function as a sound source. The patch /plugin allows for four instances of the same audio buffer and automatically plays and loops the sample. The user can set the sample playback speed, min and max loop points and volume of each of the four instances. Only the first 1000 milliseconds of a sample are available to the buffer. This patch / plugin can be thought of having the ability to produce a wide range of continuous sonic textures from a small amount of source material.

Here is an example of stoQl, stoReson and stoStutterer working together in ProTools with the filter frequencies and amplitude of the equalisation array of stoReson being controlled via MIDI data on a track. I am quite satisfied with the results.

I have also added a trigger-based, multiple-point amplitude envelope to stoReson. However, i also really liked the older attack - release model. I think i will have to add an option for which system to use in the plugin itself.