Monday, July 21, 2008

1000 Years of Change (48hr 8BC Challenge)

We have now finished and uploaded our 48hr challenge track.

The title of the track is "1000 Years of Change".
You can download it here.

For those that care, here is a list of the hardware that we used. Apart from some light mastering processes (not including equalisation) and volume automation, no effects whatsoever were used.

• Sega Master System 1 (SN76489 and YM2413)
• Sega Master System 1 (SN76489 and YM2413)
• Game Boy
• Atari 2600
• Atari 2600
• Game Boy Advance
• Commodore 64

We have now issued our own challenge.

little-scale (21 July 2008):
"We hereby challenge
• Derris-Kharlan


• Write a theme for marshmallows.
• The track must be at least one point four minutes long in total (this equals eighty-four seconds).
• The track can be for either white and / or pink marshmallows but no other colours."