Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adelaide Dorkbot #3 Wrap Up

Vinny Bhagat and Martin Victory spoke at the last Adelaide Dorkbot meeting. It was actually a surprisingly successful night - not from the content, because I knew that that was going to be interesting, of course - but because the turnout was the best for any of the Adelaide Dorkbot meetups so far.

Vinny Bhagat presented a network presentation with himself on laptop, computer and motorised percussion (localised), Kym Gluyas on saxaphone (localised), Chris Martin on piano (elsewhere in Adelaide) and Maria Fava on the generation of real-time visuals (located in Italy). The performance was quite engaging and was almost engulfing at times with its swirling masses of sound and visuals. Vinny then spoke about his experiences with network performances and about his upcoming work in the field of sound art and electronic arts in India over the coming quarter.

Martin Victory presented and demonstrated his work on network-based sonification. I am always very impressed with Martin's work, and he delivered this time. The audience was captivated by the ideas and possibilities through his work. His focus in network sonification has been mostly on creative mapping and interfacing - a very interesting subject indeed, which brings up questions about what a creative outcome can be, what a performance and a musical work can be and also the lateral use of technological systems (all of which, if you read this blog with any kind of regularity, you would know interests me greatly).

Thanks to everyone (especially the presenters and performers) for coming along and making it a successful night. The next meeting is scheduled for December (exact date is still to be announced).

Vinny and Kym perform with Chris in a network performance.

Real-time visuals as generated by Maria (whose location was in Italy).

Martin presents about his explorations in network sonification.

Part of Martin's presentation.