Wednesday, October 29, 2008

True Chip Till Death

Herr_Prof has recently created a very nice new chipmusic and chip art blog called "True Chip Till Death". Check it out here:

"TCTD is a blog showcasing hardware, software, and artists utiliziing obsolete console and computer hardware. With an emphasis on the best and the brighest works and artists in the genre, TCTD hopes to foster greater understanding of the chip movements growth as an art platform and a launching pad for the continued progression of the genre."

A recommended read for anyone interested in all things chip!


Jacko said...

Just checkin out his blog, its has to be the golden comment of the week "Welcome to your weekly little-scale update. My favorite 8-bit mad scientist is at it again with the rare hardware that adds functionality to a software application"

Haha the mad scientist of 8-bit, has a good ring to it ;)