Sunday, October 19, 2008

little-scale: five step plan (2008)

Five Step Plan contains all of the material that I played at a show on the 17th of October in Melbourne, Australia. For the most part, this is unreleased stuff. I hope that you enjoy it.

1. Dallas, Four AM
2. Objectives
3. Perspectives
4. Piranhas
5. Lines
6. Boundaries
7. Strategies
8. The Discovery of Slowness

link (15.2megabytes)


synthtopia said...

Thanks for sharing your music!

FYi - I put up a link to this at Synthtopia, with a preview of one track. The album download doesn't say if this is creative commons licensed or not - so if you don't want me doing posting a preview, leave me a comment on my post and I'll take it down!

anders said...

i like the subtle ways of this ep. it grows on me for every listen. i also like that i am very confused about which machines are making what sounds. nevertheless - ahm, ... :) is there a lot of nintendo DS in there..?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Anders: thanks for the comment. here is what all the tracks are made with / from:

1. is GB kick drum manipulation on computer.
2. ds w/nanoloop 2.3
3. same as ^^
4. same as ^^
5. ds, lsdj on DMG and sega master system
6. sega master system
7. sega master system
8. sega master system