Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Channels Only Comp Released on CDK Records

The Two Channels Only Compilation is now out through CalmDownKidder Records! I organised this one, and I had a track in it as well.

Download it from here:

"WOO HOO! The two channel compilation is finally here! We got Nestroyer, Jellica, 8GB, Unicorn Dream Attack, Random, Failotron, esc AND LOADS MORE! Each artist has had to make a song using only two channels of their choice, making the restrictive art of chiptune even more restrictive! Watch this space for a one channel comp soon, then a non-channel comp! (the last one may not be true) - Artwork by CDK fave Sparkyboy!"

Thanks to Sparkyboy for the artwork!

Thanks to CDK Records for hosting and releasing this one!

Disc 1
1. Orphanage by The J. Arthur Keenes Band
2. Post-Apology Nation by little-scale
3. MPDJ by Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families
4. Y2K by Astro Zombies
5. Modus operandi by Emartransformo
6. Manhattan Dynamite by Vintaque
7. Cobra Attack Squad by Sybi0t
8. 2ChanLifespan by Joedouken!
9. Gold by Lazerbeat
10. Space Dust Inhilation Theory by TristEndo
11. Galway Funk by 8GB
12. Whack Attack by TurboDaze
13. The Drone by White Circuit
14. Shortwobble1 by Jellica
15. Strangers by Nestroyer
16. 2 Tones by Subway Sonicbeat
17. Neko by SMES

Disc 2
1. Treehouse by Arms Akimbo
2. Mutoid Bit by Buskerdroid
3. Alabaster and Tears by Unicorn Dream Attack
4. Reminiscences by Secret Lab
5.Why Chip Tune Sucks In 26' by Flashbob
6. Jupiters by Micro Knight
7. Double Espresso by Random
8. sClick2 by Infradead
9. 2channelproductions by failotron
10. History by Sparkyboy
12. The Journey Of Squarrel by Varia Vaku
13. Flying Laser Sharks by Flegmatical
14. RocketShoe by L-Tron
15. 97 Minutes by Environmental Sound Collapse
16. Donkey Lasher by Fluxxin


da jaeff said...

really cool work i am impressed.
referring to you mega drive midi device: do you also have schematics for this one?
i mean i simply LOVE how the genesis sounds and i would so appreciate any help hooking up a midi device to a genesis.
could you send me an email to `?

Thanks in progress

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi there da jaeff,
There is a google group for announcements about the availability: