Tuesday, August 18, 2009

automaticWeeds Object for Max/MSP

While experimenting with some cellular automata, I made this little object for Max. It's called automaticWeeds.

The idea is to connect the object to an LCD object in Max.

Inlet 1: bang for next iteration
Inlet 2, 3 and 4: set the red, green and blue colour components of the visual output
Inlet 5 and 6: unpack the first outlet from the LCD object into two ints, and connect here

Outlet 1: connect to LCD

Argument 1 and 2: the width and height of the field in cells.
Argument 3: the size of each cell (as a square) in pixels.

The size of the LCD should be the cell field size as width and height times by the cell size in pixels. So, in the object above, the LCD object would be 600 x 600 pixels.

If anyone wants to muck around with this object (still a work in progress) or wants to see the patch please let me know.

I'm quite happy with the visual outcome, all though it can and will be worked on of course.


Brian Green said...

i would love to get the patch to mess with.

iam.gmo said...

I would seriously love a copy of that patch to mess around with our robotic system. Please if possible, email it to gmo at iam dot ms


G said...

i would love to see this patch too if still possible

info at giorgiomagnanensi dot com

Patinoart said...

I would really like to get a hold of the object to mess with myself.
You can email me at:

patinoart (at) gmail (dot) com