Monday, August 17, 2009

Conway's Game of Life in Max/MSP

I made a very basic version of Conway's Game of Life in Max/MSP, which I'm sure many people are familiar with. My version has a space of 16 x 16, but it is very simple to change the grid size to be larger or smaller than this. My patch also allows the user to add living cells or dead into the game at any point, and has a play/pause button (space bar) as well as a clear field button (esc). Watch a demo of it below (there are still some bugs to be ironed out):


Rei Yano said...


Rei Yano said...

can we download it?

Chris said...

Nice, when you mentioned cellular automata earlier in the morning I didn't realise you'd written this up.

Something I've always thought would be nice on a smaller grid like this one, is to allow the field to wrap around, so cells exiting left appear on the right.