Monday, June 18, 2012

GenMDM DAC Channel Strip - Max for Live Device

This Max for Live MIDI effect device controls the DAC parameters of the GenMDM channel 6 - which corresponds to YM2612 FM channel 6 in DAC mode. 
This MIDI effect devices allows for the control and automation of the following parameters: 
• DAC on
• Oversample amount (i.e. pitch bend up)
• Sample rate change amount (i.e. pitch bend down)
• Custom waveform amount
• Custom waveform shape

All of these parameters can normally be controlled via MIDI CC data, however the GenMDM DAC channel strip makes the process more user-friendly as well as integrated into Live's automation and mapping environment. 

Basic Usage:
1) Connect the GenMDM as per usual
2) Create a new audio track in Live. Route the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis audio output to the track
3) Create a new MIDI tracks in Live. Route the output of the MIDI track to GenMDM channel 6
4) Add a copy of GenMDM FM Channel Strip to the blank MIDI track.
5) Sequence note and velocity data as per normal. 
6) Change the parameters of the GenMDM DAC Channel Strip - you will hear the corresponding changes in sound.