Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GenMDM Global Strip - Max for Live Device

This Max for Live MIDI effect device controls the global parameters of the GenMDM SEGA FM chip. Only one instance of the device is needed per GenMDM unit.

This MIDI effect devices allows for the control and automation of the following parameters: 
• Bend amount in semitones
• Octave division (default is 12, of course)
• Transpose
• NTSC or PAL tuning mode
• LFO enabled
• LFO speed

All of these parameters can normally be controlled via MIDI CC data, however the GenMDM Global strip makes the process more user-friendly as well as integrated into Live's automation and mapping environment. 

Basic Usage:
1) Connect the GenMDM as per usual
2) Create a new audio track in Live. Route the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis audio output to the track
3) Create a new MIDI track in Live. Route the output of the MIDI track to any GenMDM channel 1 - 6.
4) Add a copy of GenMDM Global Strip to the blank MIDI track.
5) Sequence note and velocity data as per normal. 
6) Change the parameters of the GenMDM Global Strip - you will hear the corresponding changes in sound.