Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nanoloop Twitch / YouTube Streaming Setup Test

A setup that I've been testing this morning for streaming Nanoloop to Twtich

Nintendo PAL Game Cube, running Nanoloop 2.7 via a GameBoy Player.

Video path: 
• Composite analog video from Game Cube
• Canopus ADVC110 video capture card
• DV signal via firewire connector
• Firewire to thunderbolt adaptor
• Input to a QT.Grab to Syphon Max Patch
• Syphon input to OBS
• Webcam input to OBS
• Composite analog video from Game Cube also to 7" display with composite input for monitoring

Audio path: 
• Analog audio from Game Cube
• Scarlett 2i2 USB interface
• Ableton Live with mastering plugins
• Ableton output to Soundflower 2ch
• Soundflower 2ch to OBS as desktop audio device for streaming
• Soundflower 2ch to built in outut for monitoring

I am keen to add a second video capture card and a second Game Cube to this mix.