Monday, September 29, 2008

Sega Mega Drive MIDI Keyboard Video

In this video, the Sega Mega Drive II is controlled via the MIDI keyboard controller. Various parameters can be controlled from the keyboard, as one can hear in the video.

Watch it here:


Thomas said...

Definitely awesome. What are you plans for letting us mortals get our hands on this? A kit perhaps?

Jacko said...

I am serious, check out the vid. At 1:39 the chip literally speaks like its saying hmm like a yayayaya sound (when your mouth is open and move your tongue) its like rad. This is like the coolest thing since toasters or perhaps sliced bread.

Anonymous said...

Man, this is incredible. I hope there are some plans to sell something like this in the future. Either as a modded console or a cartridge interface (ala midiNES).