Sunday, November 09, 2008

More LSDJ Kits: Sega Mega Drive, Chopin, Atari 2600 and Extra Debussy

Mega Drive:
Ten sounds sampled from a Mega Drive. Using a variety of settings.
Very quick demo video:

Samples from Waltz No.6 in D flat, Op. 64 No. 1, "Minute" and Cello Sonata in G Minor, Op. 65: III. Largo.
Very quick demo Video:

Atari 2600:
Twelve little sounds in one big-sounding kit! Give your GB songs that Atari touch.
Very quick demo video:

More Debussy:
Samples from Le martyre de Saint-S├ębastien: I. La Cour des Lys.
Very quick demo video:


GeekSpeaker said... is asking for password but I think I still got the newest daily build down. Thanks for your work!

Akira said...

Of course it asks for a password, you need to BUY first :P

little-scale, this is so fucking amazing! Again, you've done an awesome job! I love the Debussy kits for some hiphop thangs :D

Sebastian Tomczak said...

GeekSpeaker: Akira is correct, of course. Buy the ROM, it's not like it costs heaps. And if you like it, perhaps even give him a little bit more, eh. Think of the amount of effort Johan has put into LSDJ.

Akira: Glad you like the Debussy, thanks for commenting! :)

Mr. Andros, the dead (Junco) said...

hello! uh... i must be too dumb, but... how do I upload .kit files into my lsdj cart, through transferer2?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

check out this link