Monday, June 15, 2009

Exec('Coward') - The Sinistar Sinicore Sample Comp

Beware says:

"Exec('Coward') - The Sinistar Sinicore Sample Comp!
01. Sissy Creeper - Flashbob
02. Sinistartled - Chip Champion

03. The Headache - eLectrodreams

04. Therefore We are Always Confident - we the sick

05. Alexis Berlin - Edward Shallow
06. Mr. Functional - little-scale

This comp was done over the course of one month using only samples ripped from the cult-classic arcade game, Sinistar.

This sample
pack, ripped by Beware, includes 21 samples of lasers, explosions, sound FX and those vocals samples that can still strike fear into the hearts of anyone who played the game as a child. Each participant was allowed to splice, stretch, speed up, slow down, pitch, etc, etc, etc the samples into whatever they wanted, but these samples, and ONLY these samples, have been used.

The sample pack can be found here: Special thanks to Digital Press Sound Archives for supplying the great vocal samples and Sykotic-Sword for hilarious cover art! Enjoy! Download Here (17 MB)"


Junkyard Sam said...

This is a brilliant concept for an album! It's fascinating to see how each track used the samples in a different way...


mainlymilitary said...

Really useful information, thanks so much for the article.