Monday, June 15, 2009

Sound Bytes 4 in Melbourne - Giant Aus Chipmusic Show!

There is an amazing show coming up soon put on by Dpad Productions featuring many of the regular faces of the Australian chipmusic community.

Date: 17th of July
Venue: Queensberry Hotel, Corner Swanston and Queensbury in Melbourne
When: 7pm Onwards
- little-scale
- Dot.AY
- Talkshow Boy
- Maddest Kings Alive
- Derris-Kharlan
- Astro Zombies
- Slurry Beats Collective feat. Dr Dollar Dollar

How great is that lineup? Seriously. You have to come along.


Celsius said...

Get excited!

10k said...

I am very exciited to not play a set. Haha.

contact: said...

im biased, but that is a hello wicked flyer

Jacko said...

Damn, ill be in Tamworth moving my brother to a new house :( im so not happy :(