Friday, September 25, 2009

iPod Touch & TouchOSC Controlling a C64

I made a quick video of using an iPod Touch and TouchOSC to control a Commodore 64 in real time.

Using the default 'Keys' patch for TouchOSC, a number of parameters of the Commodore 64s sound chip, the SID, can be controlled:

• Note on and off commands for two octaves' worth of piano keys
• Attack
• Decay
• Release
• Filter frequency
• Filter resonance
• Enable / disable triangle waveform
• Enable / disable sawtooth waveform
• Enable / disable pulse waveform
• Pulse wave duty cycle

Although this is only a preliminary mapping, I do like where this is going from a performance point of view, and I will be working on better / more meaningful mappings in the near future.


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

Are you aware of the TouchOSC Editor available via the Hexler website? The addition of labels makes things nice to work with too.

cTrix said...

YES! Hahaha. That's so awesomely awesome.

dsi r4 said...

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