Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Introducing the SAAMI (Phillips SAA 1099 MIDI Interface)

Today I designed a MIDI Interface for the Phillips SAA 1099 programmable sound generator. It allows the user acces to all of the registers and functions of the IC:
• Six voices
• Relatively pitched frequency resolution over an 8 octave range
• Two noise sources (selectable and routable to the six voices)
• Noise can be clocked via an internal division or one of the oscillators
• Two envelope generators with various settings
• 2 x 4bit stereo field control

Although the unit is working already, I still want to make some refinements. However this, along with everything else, will be released soon.


Theta_Frost said...

I really hope you continue with your plan to release a PCB for this. I love the sound of this chip!

Captain Credible said...


buzzdavidson said...

Have you released a schematic and/or code for this? I have a handful of these and would love to see examples.