Monday, May 31, 2010

SEGA Music Competition Compilation April 2010 - Released!

The SEGA Music Competition Compilation is out! Here are my ten personal favourite tracks that people submitted for my competition that included chipmusic hardware as the first prize. Unlike the choice of winner for the competition (congratulations Rush Coil for winning!) which was judged by an independent panel, the decision of the contents of this compilation was entirely my own.

The compilation contains the following tracks:
Blast Processing by Rush Coil
Empty Streets by TmEE
Ode to Megaman by Gregory Bolomey
Outer Limits by Turbo Crush
Love by Solyon
Natsukashii Toshi by Rei Yano
Sonic Boss Medley by Patrick Wichrowski
Stars Are Calling by Shiru
Thought Collection by J&HT
Toads and Rabbits by Linde

Download the compilation here.

Congratulations to those that made it onto the compilation, and thanks to everyone that went to the effort of entering a tune!

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