Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Winner of the SEGA Music Competition announced!

I am happy to announce the winner of the SEGA Music Competition: Rush Coil with the track "Blast Processing"!

Here are some comments from the judges (who were from Australia, Japan and Sweden):

"This track has a couple of things that make it really stand out, firstly its sense of space through the use of panning and reverb is really nice and whilst not purist in a hardware sense it still has incredibly creative uses of the core sounds of the sega consoles. Secondly the song has a nice sense of structure introducing and reworking themes in a way that it is never too repetitive but remains familiar."

"I really like this song"

"Beautifully detailed composition within a restricted medium."

Listen to all of the entries here: http://milkcrate.com.au/sega_comp/

Congratulations once again go out to Rush Coil! I wish him the best, and I hope that he enjoys my SEGA Master System MIDI Interface. Honorary mentions go out to the entries by Rei Yano and Turbo Crush!

Thanks to everyone that participated, and a special thanks to all the judges for the amount of effort and time put into adjudicating the entries.


Jeriaska said...

They're all good, but my personal favorite is Devastation by Mutherpluckin' B.

Derris-Kharlan said...

"I relly lik dis sawng"

Unknown said...

Congratulations! nice musics.