Sunday, January 13, 2019

Secret Handshake: DIY USB MIDI Host Module for Eurorack

The Teensy 3.6 can act as a USB host. This includes support for class-compliant USB MIDI devices, as well as other types of USB devices. 

The strength of this is to be able to use USB MIDI controllers without the need for a laptop or similar device, and can interface with Eurorack. 

I've made a simple Eurorack module that acts as a USB MIDI host, and has two inputs that can be either gate or CV signals, 4 gate outputs and 2 CV outputs. 

All of the relevant files can be found here:

This includes an example for Launchpad Mini, PS4 controller, NanoKontrol 2. 

Different USB MIDI devices have different Arduino sketches written for them as firmware. Each USB device has different controls, functions and mappings, and so the flexibility of having a USB Host module is weighed against needing to program each device.

I will be adding and updating this project in the coming weeks. My plan is to make a new PCB with buffered outputs, voltage scaling, and busses for IO expansion.

Here are demonstrations for NanoKontrol 2, PS4 controller and Launchpad Mini.


Ian said...

This is great! If I wanted to build this myself, what is IC4 in your schematic?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

@Ian Thanks. Im working on a buffered version of this, should be available soon. IC4 is just a 7805 or similar - apologies for missing that one!