Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sega Mega Drive Sample Pack

I have created a set of samples that have been recorded directly from a PAL Australian Sega Mega Drive 1. I have created all of the sounds myself on the hardware (as in, these are not sounds or samples recorded from games or demo programs).

The samples cover the eight algorithms of the YM2612 sound chip, with three sounds per algorithm and three pitched notes in different octaves per sound. Three pitched notes per sound, three sounds per algorithm and eight algorithms in total make for a collection of seventy-two samples.

The naming convention of the samples is as follows:

X = the algorithm used to generate the sample
YYY = the sound number
Z = the octave number

Audio Format
The audio is presented as 16 bit, 44.1KHz mono .wav files. The audio has been normalised and trimmed, but not compressed nor equalised in any fashion.

The sample set can be downloaded here:

This Sega Mega Drive Sample Set by Sebastian Tomczak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the samps, ill be sure to give you creds in the greets/instrument descriptions in my songs

Anonymous said...

I grew up on "Altered Beast" "Streets of Rage" and "Space Harrier," and I have a track titled "Truxton." I look forward to using these samples in projects. Thanks so much!

rushcoil said...

This is really amazing. I had no idea this existed. I am afraid to ask how long it took to compile this set.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

@ rushcoil: Not too long, maybe 45 minutes or so :D