Friday, July 24, 2009

Performance-worthy Sega Mega Drive 2

I've installed TmEE's Genesis 2 Crystal Clear Audio Mod, and I have to say I am very happy with the outcome. Sounds awesome! Thanks Tiido!

I can highly recommend this mod to anyone thinking of making music with a Genesis / Mega Drive 2.

The mod was much easier to install than I thought, TmEE has made some very clear instructions, and even the parts that I thought might be hard (removing the caps from the original board, removing SMD resistors) were actually very easy.

Now for a very quick audio example: Before / After.


10k said...


REI_ said...

so sweet. I'm gonna be selling on ebay like one crazy mofo when you get those units out. this looks absolutely fabulous. great work seb.

Penelope said...

from your recordings, it sounds like the mod causes filtering in a different frequency range to the original circuitry (which obviously filters out a lot of high freqs)

overall the sample playback sounds nicer with the mod, though

thanks for posting! :)