Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Simple Cinemag CM-DBX Transformer DI

I wired up a simple DI for my synths as I wanted to balance the output as well as push the signal through a transformer. I used a Cinemag CM-DBX transformer. 

I connected the primary coil (yellow for positive and orange for negative) to the 6.5mm mono socket, as well as the chassis of the primary coil and shield of the transformer to 6.5mm ground. I connected the secondary coil (red for positive - XLR pin 2 and brown for negative - XLR pin 3) to the XLR jack, as well as the chassis of the secondary coil to XLR pin 1 (ground)ses Cinemag CM-DBX for the transformer, 

I used Jaycar part PP1023 for the XLR jack and Jaycar part PS0162 for the 6.5mm mono socket. Even though the box is plastic I have not had any noise issues yet but this will depend on environmental conditions. 

No issues with modular levels going through the transformer so far! So it can handle pretty hot signals. 

Download the STL files here: